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12 / 20 / 16
mole cricket up close

End Your Lawn Care Frustration Now

Every weekend, you are out there lovingly clipping your lawn to the perfect height, giving it water and just the right food to help it grow. You are doing all you can except singing to it, and still, it dies. Right over the fence, you look longingly at your neighbor’s yard and realize that the grass truly is greener on that side. Why? You use the same fertilizer. You both use the same water system. What does he know that you don’t? It is certainly a frustrating problem to have./pest-library/profile/mole-crickets

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08 / 30 / 16
mole cricket in georgia

Mole Crickets Damage Florida Lawns

There is nothing more frustrating than to do everything necessary to have a nice lawn only to deal with large patches of dead grass due to some mysterious pest. One of those mysterious pests is the mole cricket. These insects can invade by the hundreds and wreck a lawn in no time flat. Here are a few things that will help if mole crickets invade.

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07 / 13 / 16
mole cricket up close

What Is Really Scary About Mole Crickets

If you have ever seen a mole cricket, you know that this is one scary looking bug. But you know what is even scarier than their alien-like appearance? The damage these insects can do to your lawn. These pests are a real nightmare when they tunnel under your turf. And, here in Gainesville, they've become quite a problem for property owners.

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06 / 20 / 16
mole cricket on board

Mole Crickets Are Inspiring

Are you familiar with what a muse is? In ancient Greece, a muse referred to a woman who was the source of inspiration for a creative artist; but, in these modern times, it can be anything that provides inspiration to an artist. For the hard working effects artists in Hollywood whose sole purpose is to create creepy alien creatures to terrify us in the theaters, there are few creatures on earth that provide a greater muse than mole crickets. These are some scary looking bugs; but what is even scarier is how they can destroy a lawn.

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