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08 / 16 / 16

Can Earwigs Fly?

Surely you've heard the well known saying, "When pigs fly!" which means, basically: "THAT will NEVER happen!" But have you ever heard the somewhat lesser-known saying, "When earwigs fly!" Probably not. BUT, if you were to say, "When earwigs fly!" it would be every bit as effective as the pig flying expression because you see, earwigs can't fly any more than pigs can--perhaps even less. But that doesn't stop some people from believing everything they hear about earwigs. The whole flying thing is only one of the misconceptions about this tiny, garden-destroying insect.

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05 / 17 / 16
earwig crawling on rock

How To Defend Your Garden From Earwigs

Many people don't think of earwigs as a garden pest, but rather, they are associated with a common myth. Read the truth about Tallahassee earwigs here.

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02 / 24 / 16
earwig up close

When Earwigs Attack

If you laughed when you read the title of this article, you have probably dealt with a lot of earwigs in your life. These are generally a nuisance pest. They aren't going to attack you. They are just going to drive you crazy. So, if your Florida home is under "attack," fear not. We've put together this quick fact sheet to help you understand what you're dealing with.

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11 / 23 / 15
earwig crawling on a rock

Earwigs Inside Your Space

Earwigs!  No it is not a hairy fashion accessory that mid-century elites wore on their ears; or a fashionable new design in earrings.  Earwigs are those tiny reddish/brown creepy nocturnal insects that run really, really fast whenever you disturb their hiding places.  They love moisture and moderate temperatures.

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