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Posts with the tag: "commercial pest control"

10 / 26 / 17
bed bug resting on bed linen fibers

Bed Bugs: The Great World Traveler

The hospitality industry isn’t immune from the threat of bed bugs. McCall Services takes a look at this infamous traveler and its hotel habits in Tampa, FL.

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08 / 24 / 16
commercial technician performing inspection

What Does It Mean To Be A Part Of Copesan?

Here at McCall, we are extremely proud to say that we are a Copesan pest provider. When you choose McCall to take care of your commercial pest issues, you are choosing a commercial service that is nationally the strongest and most comprehensive network of commercial pest control specialists in the industry. That’s local expertise with national reach and coverage. Still a little confused? Let’s take a moment and see why having the best of both worlds, local and national, is the best way to go.

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01 / 22 / 16
shopping mall in florida

Pest Control For Your Florida Business Too

Do you have McCall Service for your home? Are you familiar with our amazingly affordable home pest service that targets over 30 household pests and is administered in quarterly visits by that friendly McCall Service technician? Are you confident that your home is protected from ants, fleas, roaches, scorpions, wasps, and a host of other invasive pests? Well, we'd like you to know that you can get that same friendly and effective pest service for your business too.

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08 / 23 / 15

Tallahassee Commercial Pest Control Is McCall’s Business

Pest management is essential for the health of a successful business. From farm to table, a pest infestation can mean loss of product, failed audits and a damaged reputation. Even if your business doesn't deal with the growing or preparation of food, a bug and wildlife infestation can adversely affect how people perceive your business. You're not likely to get that deal from Japan if a cockroach ran across the conference room table.


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