Super-Termites, Meet Your Kryptonite


Formosan termites don’t leap tall buildings with a single bound, but they’re very powerful for their size. They aren’t satisfied with close-knit teams. They’re driven to expand their numbers into the millions. They’re called super-termites because of its destructive habits, but Florida home and business owners consider them supervillains of the pest world. Let McCall Pest Control be your hero.

These Aren’t Ordinary Invaders

It isn’t a Floridian native, but the Formosan termite loves our tropical climate. It’s been a headache for property owners all along the Gulf Coast since the 1980s. It’s the largest of its species, and the Formosan termite queen can live for more than 50 years. Here’s the lineup:

  • The Queen lays eggs daily, producing more than a million in her lifetime.
  • The Soldiers protect the colony from predators including aggressive fire ants.
  • The Swarmers fly across the landscape establishing new colonies.

They Earn Their Bad Reputation

Subterranean termites are very destructive, and Formosans are some of the worst. They colonize under the lawn, build tunnel networks to your home, and protect their trail into the house with mud tubes. The pests only need a tiny crack or loose mortar joint to make it inside.

The termite population in just one nest can number thousands to millions, and they branch out. The swarmers usually establish two or three more colonies in the yard before you notice them. Because Formosan termites have huge populations and can consume wood at a rapid rate, in just a few months, the destructive insects could cause extensive property damage.

We Use Subterranean Termite Kryptonite

Formosan termites are driven by their survival instinct to expand the colony, so it takes a highly developed strategy to take down these supervillain bugs. We hit them with our version of the pest control industry’s best kryptonite.

  • Our Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System kills the queen and the colony.
  • We use an active station method that protects your home year-round.
  • Our techniques don’t require drilling or trenching in the yard.

We eliminate subterranean termites with the most effective and least invasive technology available. It’s our termite-terminating kryptonite, and it works in both residential and commercial settings.

Pro tip: Be sure your termite service provides a damage warranty.

Our Teams Are on Your Side

You don’t have to handle super-termites alone. Our McCall Pest Control team is on your side. We can’t fly or lift semi-trucks, but we know how to handle every bad bug that invades your home or business. We’ve been fighting the good fight by providing the best service for Florida pest control for over 80 years.


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