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A termite crawls along a wooden deck

Fall Brings Termites (and the Need for Pest Control)

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Bugs don't turn pages on the calendar, but the seasons change all kinds of insect behavior. When our balmy temperatures drop just a few degrees, termites in Florida respond to the cooler, damp weather. Homeowners across the state are often surprised to see these pests pop up during the fall.

Termites Thrive in Our Humidity

When you consider our location and climate, it's no wonder termite control companies take care of so many infestations in area homes and businesses. Here, between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic, our humidity levels are always high, especially during the fall. The termite needs water to live, but the bug also needs moisture to build its nests and maintain extensive colonies. Our warm, wet Florida climate gives the insect everything it needs to thrive as it efficiently transitions from an outside pest to an indoor threat.

They Build, Feed, and Farm

The termite mud tubes that tunnel up into your home are built with water from natural condensation and nearby moisture sources. The pests also use dampness to keep the tubes cool as they forage into your house. Termites need our humid climate to support their diets. They live on the cellulose in wood and paper, but they can't digest the material without external moisture. The bugs even use trace amounts of water to establish fungus farms that help feed their rapidly expanding populations.

You Can Make Their Lives Harder

You can't eliminate the natural humidity that helps sustain a termite colony, but you can make it harder for the destructive insects to invade your home.

  • Direct downspout drainage away from the foundation.
  • Patch small cracks and chips in exterior walls.
  • Don't store mulch, lumber, or firewood near the house.
  • Repair dripping exterior faucets, and replace leaky garden hoses.
  • Be on the lookout for signs of small leaks behind interior walls. The most effective deterrents are available through professional termite control services. Talk to our local experts about options that can include trenchless strategies and eco-friendly techniques.

We're Ready for Every Season

As you ease into fall, it's time to turn on the dehumidifiers, slow down the mowing, and keep an eye on the house. If you see mud tubes or signs of wood damage, let us know right away. Our teams here at McCall Service are always ready to deliver expert termite control to Florida homes and businesses. We're your pest control experts for every season.

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