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mole cricket

Everything You Need To Know About Mole Crickets

In: Jacksonville Pest Control

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Mole crickets are a problem in Florida where they cause massive damage to turf grass. These crickets dig tunnels underground, wrecking roots and making soil bulge upward. The damage that this makes will cause brown patches on lawns, golf courses, sod farms, and pastures. In particular, mole crickets like bahiagrass and Bermuda grass.

To make matters worse, wildlife like raccoons and armadillo will dig up the ground to find the mole crickets to snack on. This creates further damage to property, all at the expense of a home or business owner.

There are four types of mole crickets; the short-winged mole cricket, the northern cricket, the southern cricket, and the tawny cricket. The most prevalent in Florida are the southern cricket and the tawny cricket. Adult mole crickets are light brown and are around an inch in length. They have a cylindrical body that is covered with fine, dense hair; a hard exoskeleton; and soft abdomens. They also have two thin antennae, beady eyes, and two pair of wings. Their front legs are flat and are used for digging while their back legs are more typical of those on a regular cricket, but are better for moving soil than for jumping.

Mole crickets spend the winter in the soil; and at the first warmth of spring, the males will start looking to attract a female to mate with. After mating, the male dies, the female produces eggs, and the cycle begins all over again. Females disperse these eggs in May, they hatch in June, and become adults by October.

Mole crickets are not dangerous to humans, but they are a nuisance and can damage grasses and their root systems. Loading your lawn with pesticides can be harmful to humans, pets, and wildlife; not to mention that many over the counter products do not work, may not take care of the infestation, and will most likely further damage your property. The time to call an experienced pest control company is at the first sign of an infestation, no matter what time of year it occurs.

Getting rid of mole crickets is hard. If you are in the Jacksonville area, McCall Service is here for you. We can evaluate your property to locate the root of your infestation, provide you with a free estimate, and safely and completely eliminate mole crickets. Plus, we can typically respond to your call on the same or the very next day. When mole crickets invade your lawn, give us a call. McCall Service, we really can do it all.

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