McCall Works Together to Make a Difference in 2021

The McCall Service team gathered in front of a fight hunger banner


While it can be difficult to bring all five McCall locations together when we’re spread apart in Florida, the culture of each service center is similar. Each team focuses on ways to make a difference and leave a positive impact on our teammates, customers, and communities. In 2021, each of our service centers took this to heart to find opportunities to support our communities in big and small ways. 

Below are just a few stories from our teams in 2021. 

McCall Ocala 

The McCall Ocala team partnered with Interfaith Emergency Services to help those in need with a cookout. Burgers, hotdogs, and all the normal fixings were on the menu for free! It was a small act both had been planning for months, but due to the pandemic, it needed to be pushed back. McCall and Interfaith were glad to finally make it happen and are looking forward to making it an annual tradition. 

McCall Gainesville 

The holidays can be tough for many reasons! The McCall Gainesville team adopted two children through United Way to be able to deliver the holiday spirit with gifts from their wish lists. The team purchased, wrapped, and dropped off presents so that the kids could open gifts with their families. Gainesville also collected and donated items for the families to use based on their needs. Everyone deserves a happy holiday season, and the Gainesville team felt fortunate they were able to support in a small way. 

McCall Jacksonville

The Jacksonville team participated in a food and book drive close to the team’s heart. This program, Thanksgiving Fight to Hunger through Hunger Fight, has been in place for 5+ years and given so much back to the local community. Since the program’s start, it has donated books to local libraries and schools yearly and over 12 million meals total! The Jacksonville team came out to support and was part of the 41,000 meals that were produced in this time slot. What an impact! Our teams were proud to be part of something so incredible. 

We wish we could highlight all of the ways our teams were able to get out, get active, and make a difference in our local communities in 2021, but we are looking forward to being able to highlight more overall from each team in 2022.  The teams in our Tallahassee, Tampa, Jacksonville, Gainesville, and Ocala service centers care as much about supporting our communities as they do about creating a healthier home or business for our customers, and we’re thankful for all they do to serve across Florida.



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