McCall Names 3 Teammates with March 2023 Core Values Award

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To round out the first quarter of 2023, three teammates received the Core Value Awards in March. These teammates were nominated by their peers for their exceptional display of the McCall Way, both professionally and personally. We’d like to celebrate these three teammates for all they do for McCall, our customers, communities, and teammates!

#1: Own It, Jay | Tallahassee, FL

Jay has been an incredible example of what it means to truly “Own It!”. He did a great job completing his initial training and fully taking off with his own route. He has the desire to grow and is already leading the Tallahassee office with PIG leads since he started! He is also an exceptional communicator, especially with his customers. We’re looking forward to his exceptional future with McCall!

#2: Aspire to be Exceptional, Amanda S. | Customer Care Team

Amanda goes above and beyond every day not only to assist her team but also to assist all of McCall. She is quick to jump in and support all teammates, from the Sales team to our offices. She is also able to troubleshoot anything and is always positive while doing so! We are all proud to work alongside such an exceptional teammate like Amanda, and we are excited to watch her continue to grow as a leader within McCall.

#3: Customer First, Team Always, Darrell B. | Tampa, FL

Darrell is always WOW-ing his customers! Recently, he won a Google Review contest simply for the outstanding number of support his customers left his service center while mentioning his name specifically! His customers love his service, care, and attention to detail. He is also always going out of his way to help his team! He is quick to step in to help someone else complete their route or finish out their month on top. We’re thankful for teammates like Darrell who push us all to be better!

The Core Value nominations and awards will continue throughout 2023, recognizing teammates by our 5 Core Values: Own It!, Aspire to be Exceptional, Customers First, Team Always, Do What is Right, and Future Focused. McCall is grateful to have so many outstanding teammates who not only represent these values but also want to celebrate their teammates who are shining examples daily.

Congratulations to all three teammates, Jay, Amanda, and Darrell, for being recognized in March!



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