McCall Celebrates Second Annual Teammate Acts of Kindness Day

At McCall, kindness is at our core. This year, we celebrated our second annual Teammate Acts of Kindness Day, where team members performed acts of kindness across various locations, showcasing our commitment to making a positive impact.

In Orlando, a teammate bought water for a homeless person and gave them the change, exemplifying our spirit of generosity. In Gainesville, a teammate brightened a cancer patient’s day with flowers, reminding them they’re not alone. In Jacksonville, one teammate helped another finish a service in the sweltering heat, demonstrating solidarity and teamwork. In Tampa, a teammate ensured the safety of a turtle crossing a busy road, reflecting our care for all creatures.

Good Deed Team

Teammate Acts of Kindness Day highlights our values and dedication to positive change. We’re proud of our teammates and look forward to continuing this tradition of compassion and generosity.


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