DIY Winter Wildlife Prevention

The chilly weather is here! While we enjoy our time outside, wildlife might be enjoying themselves inside your home! Wildlife creatures such as raccoons, squirrels, rats, and more are notorious for sneaking inside our attics and crawl spaces for warmth, food, and a place to sleep. Check out our tips and tricks on keeping wildlife creatures from invading our homes.

Attic Inspection

Our attic can become a host of several critters, such as roof rats and bats. It’s best to routinely inspect your attic for these creatures, especially during the fall and winter seasons. Utilize a flashlight or headlamp when checking for openings and chewed-up or damaged wood areas. If you see gaps and holes, make sure to seal them up immediately.

Yard Maintenance  

Your yard is the first area wildlife creatures enter, making it essential to deter and prevent them from entering in the first place. Branches and limbs can give creatures, such as squirrels, roof rats, and more access to the roof line, making it essential to trim them away from the house. Items in your yard can often attract wildlife, such as open trash containers and debris. Make sure you utilize trash cans with tightly secured lids and avoid overfilling them. Likewise, if you have fruit trees or a garden, clean up any fallen food and remove the rotten ones too.

Roof & Siding 

Cracks and openings in your roof will give wildlife creatures direct access to your attic. Routinely check your entire exterior of the roof, starting with the intersections and siding. Don’t forget to check the flushing seams on the roof too. While checking, if you notice your siding warped or pulled away from the house, it’s likely a creature has tried or made its way inside the attic.

Wildlife control is an ongoing process, and every situation can have a different solution. If you notice a wildlife problem or want to get on top of your prevention, reach out to your local pest control company for an inspection, treatment, or wildlife exclusion plan.



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