Common Reasons Your Buenaventura Lakes Home Has an Ant Infestation

ant infestation

Ants are annoying pests, finding their way inside our Florida homes in numbers! Once these pests find a way inside, it can be difficult to control and eliminate them. To prevent an ant infestation, it’s important for every Buenaventura Lakes homeowner to understand why they are entering your property in the first place!

Common Reasons You Have an Ant Problem

Ants such as Argentine ants or sugar ants are harmless to humans and coming across one or two of these on your property isn’t a big deal; but if they’ve infested in numbers, it can quickly become a problem. Here are some common reasons you could be leading them right into your house:

  • Food is Left Out: Ants need food and water to survive and look for any available sources to get it. The kitchen is the most common place you can find an ant infestation, especially if there’s food crumbs and drink spills on the floor, countertops, or in the pantry.
  • Leaky Pipes or Faucets: Some ant species need a reliable water source to survive and will look to your bathrooms and kitchens for it. Leaky pipes, and faucets, will attract ants into your home.
  • Pet Food & Bowls: Outside pet bowls and food can attract ants right into your yard.
  • Decaying Wood: Certain ants, like carpenter ants, are attracted to moist or decaying wood to build their nests. These ants will seek rotting wood in your home’s structure, tree stumps, and even fallen branches.

Ant Prevention Tips for Florida Residents

Deterring ants from your home is easier than you think it is. There are various do-it-yourself ant control methods you can utilize to avoid their infestation, check out our top tips below!

  • Keep your kitchen free of crumbs and spills by cleaning your countertops, tables, and floors after each meal.
  • Eliminate sources of water in and around your home by repairing leaky pipes and faucets.
  • Consider using a dehumidifier in damp basements, crawlspaces, and attics to reduce excess moisture that can lead to wood rot.
  • After each meal, keep your pet bowls clean and wipe up any spilled food or water around them; also, look to store dry pet food in sealed plastic containers rather than paper bags.
  • Have a regularly scheduled pest control service to help control and prevent future ant infestations.

If you’re seeing an influx of ants on your Florida property, it’s best to call a pest control company near you to get a free inspection and the treatment plan based on your pest situation.

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