A Few Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Flea-Free

Patch of Lawn.

If your pets and home have been infested by fleas, you need fast, effective flea control in Florida. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as heading to the superstore for a can of flea killer. At McCall Service, we acknowledge that flea removal requires a little detective work. Find out more about how to get rid of fleas on your property – specifically, on your lawn – and prevent them from descending upon your doorstep again.

Identify Flea Hiding Spots

Fleas are drawn to shady, warm, damp spots; their larvae can’t survive in the sun. Tall grass, composting piles, and lawn clippings are common flea habitats. You’ll also find fleas near the doghouse and in other areas where your pets hang out. Wear knee-high white socks around your lawn, and you’ll be able to quickly locate hot spots.

Lawn Care for Flea Control

Keep your grass short to deprive fleas of shade and expose them to air. Not only will larvae dry up and die, but fleas will also be exposed to predators. Irrigation is another effective form of flea removal. Flood them with water from a hose or sprinkler, which serves two purposes: drowning them and washing away fecal blood (the source of nourishment for larvae). Clear away any weeds or other excess vegetation to reduce the number of shaded areas available to these bloodsuckers. Keep shrubs trimmed for the same reason.

Other Flea Killer Options

Nematodes can also help get rid of fleas on your lawn. These tiny organisms, which come in spray form, prey on fleas yet won’t bother your pets or children. Spray nematodes on a freshly watered lawn, then water it again. Live next door to the source of your fleas? Clear away any branches on your side of the property, and put in a three foot-wide strip of wood chips or gravel to make flea travel harder. If fleas still plague your yard or have infested your home, contact the flea control pros at McCall Service.

Flea Removal from the Flea Experts

For safe, effective flea removal, expose these critters to the light of day. Create a hostile environment for fleas and their larvae, both by making changes to your yard and letting predators run wild. The experts at McCall Service have years of experience dealing with these pests, and we can help get rid of fleas that just won’t take a hint. We serve several Northern Florida communities, so contact our flea killer team today!



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