4 Lawn Destroying Pests in Florida

Two fire ants crawling on a large stone.

Maintaining a lush, green lawn is the goal for most homeowners during the summer months. Unfortunately, several pests will damage and ruin the look of your lawn. Check out our list of the most common Florida lawn pests and tips on how you can treat them.


Often called white grubs, these pests are the immature form of a scarab beetle or June bug. They are white and have a c-shaped soft body with legs near their head. These pests like to feed on grass roots, which can cause areas in our grass to die off and turn yellow. To prevent these pests, consider utilizing a non-chemical treatment option such as adding nematodes, a microscopic parasite, to your lawn that will help eliminate them.

Chinch Bugs 

Reddish with a white band across their back, chinch bugs are known to cause severe damage to your lawn. Chinch bugs are fairly small, with adults ranging to only 1/5 inch long. These pests will withdraw plant sap from turf grass, causing yellow to brown patches on your lawn. Chinch bugs often move from lawn to lawn within a neighborhood, relocating and covering over 400 feet in under an hour! The best way to get rid of chinch bugs is to utilize insecticide on your lawn.


Armyworms are a type of caterpillar with green, brown, and yellow stripes on their bodies. These lawn pests will feed on grass, plants, vegetables, and grains. In Florida, you can find them feeding on turfgrasses. If they infest your lawn, they will cause significant damage, making it hard to eradicate them with how fast they can multiply. Homeowners can treat armyworms with chemical insecticides, diatomaceous earth, or by removing them by hand and dropping them in soapy water.

Fire Ants

Not only are these fire ants aggressive, but they can also take over your lawn with their nests or mounds. These ants will construct their dome-shaped mounds throughout your lawn, with nests as large as two feet across and one foot in height. Fire ants will build their mounds in open areas where sunlight hits, easily taking over your lawn. Once infested, getting rid of them can be difficult and dangerous, as their sting can cause a burning sensation. To prevent them, look to eliminate all moisture on your property.

Dealing with lawn pests can take a toll on your summer fun. To prevent these lawn pests from destroying your lawn, look to aerate annually, fertilize regularly, and contact your local lawn care company to help prevent them in the future.



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