3 Florida Pests to Lookout for This Summer

Macro photograph of Camponotus Xerxes, the Giant black ant found in the United Arab Emirates

Florida summers are filled with plenty of outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, picnics, and more! But while we enjoy the fun in the sun, so are summer pests! These pests can put a damper on our day, biting or stinging us. Check out the top 3 pests to look out for this summer and how you can prevent them from bothering you!


A common summer pest, mosquitoes are most active in the summer months because of the warmer, humid weather. To reproduce, females need a blood meal for egg production, often biting humans and pets for a food source. Encountering mosquitoes is inevitable during the summer, but it is possible to avoid their bite. Avoid being outside at dawn or dusk, as this is when mosquitoes are most active. If you are outside during these times, wear long-sleeved shirts and pants to cover your skin. Look to apply mosquito repellent that contains DEET, an EPA-registered ingredient.


While ticks are active year-round, they are most active during the summer months. Their bite can be harmful to both humans and pets. These insects carry bacteria that cause serious health issues, such as Lyme disease. If they bite you, they will latch on and feed until satisfied. Ticks will latch onto clothing and pets, easily finding their way inside your home. Before you return inside, check both yourself and your pets for these insects. Look throughout your clothes, hair, and skin. 


Ants are a common nuisance, frequently crashing our picnics and outdoor parties! There are several species of ants, some more harmful than others, but all looking for a food source. While ants don’t necessarily pose a health risk, certain species will sting you if they feel threatened, such as fire ants. If you plan to enjoy your meal outside, always keep your food covered with a tightly sealed lid. Clean any trash, spills, and crumbs immediately from tables to avoid an infestation in that area. 

Dealing with pests can put a damper on your summer. If you notice more pests than usual on your property, consider reaching out to your local pest control company, who will provide you with a treatment and prevention plan for your home.

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