3 Common Wildlife Critters in Florida Homes

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With our year-round warmer temperatures in Florida, mosquito control and other pest prevention often take precedence for us throughout the year. While it’s always important to continue your pest prevention at your home, it’s equally important to place wildlife prevention measures throughout your property too. Wildlife critters are searching for food, water, and shelter, often invading your home to get it. It’s crucial to know common Florida wildlife that are known to invade homes and the preventative measures you can place to avoid their damage.

3 Common Wildlife in Florida


Raccoons, or masked  bandits, are sneaky creatures looking to your home for survival. These animals are omnivores and dexterous, often digging through your trash cans to search for food. These creatures can also be dangerous to humans and are known to carry rabies. If they find a way inside your home, they will build a nest, causing structural damage and contaminating your area with their feces and urine.


While they look cute and cuddly, squirrels can be a menace if they have invaded your attic or basement! These creatures are looking for warmth and a place to store their acorns for the winter. Like their rodent cousins, rats, they do carry diseases and pathogens both on their bodies and in their droppings. Squirrels are also avid chewers and will chew electrical wires, causing a potential fire hazard.


Rats and mice are typically active year-round and will seek out human environments that provide them food and water. These rodents can be a danger to your pets and family, carrying pathogens and spreading salmonella, along with fleas, ticks, and lice. If they’ve entered your home, it’s likely that they’ve infested your attic or basement. Like squirrels, they will chew electrical wires and destroy insulation, causing property damage and a fire risk.

Florida Wildlife Prevention

Prevention is key when it comes to deterring and controlling wildlife creatures from your property. Check out our common tips and tricks to avoid a wildlife infestation:

  • Seal garbage cans and compost bins at night
  • Bring pet food and water bowls inside at night
  • Trim your trees and shrubs away from your roofline
  • Place a grated screen on top of your chimney
  • Consider enclosing your crawlspace to eliminate entry points
  • Consider attic insulation to improve the overall health of your home and provide additional pest protection

If you’ve seen an influx of wildlife creatures on your property or have a critter in your home, give your local wildlife control company a call! These professionals will identify the animal, locate entry points, and recommend the best wildlife removal and exclusion methods for your property.

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