3 Common Summer Pests in St. Augustine, Florida

summer pests

Many say Florida is practically summer year-round, but there are common Florida pests that will only emerge during summer months. We break down the common summer pests you can expect to see and easy ways you can prevent them from taking over your yard.

Common Summer Pests


In St. Augustine, mosquito season can start as early as February, with their peak activity during the summer months, and lasting all the way until November! These pests are not only a nuisance if they take over your property, but they can also transmit diseases such as the Zika virus, West Nile virus, dengue, and more. Prevent mosquitoes and their bites by:

  • Removing all standing water around your home, including items that can hold water such as buckets, pet bowls, tarps, clogged gutters, etc.
  • Wearing mosquito repellent containing DEET when spending time outdoors
  • Routinely mowing your lawn and cutting back shrubs around your yard


Termites are active year-round but will swarm during the spring and summer months, depending on the weather, to find a place to establish a colony. Since drywood and subterranean termites are both active in St. Augustine, it’s crucial to prevent these pests as they will destroy the structural damage of your home by eating wood from the inside out. Prevent termites from invading by:

  • Making sure to inspect used furniture for any signs of drywood termites before bringing it into your home
  • Avoiding direct contact between wooden structures and the soil, as subterranean termites will use soil to access your home
  • Scheduling regular termite inspections to help identify early signs of infestations and provide proactive termite control solutions, including the Sentricon® Always Active Bait Station


Spiders enter homes to search for food and find a habitat that will allow them to continue looking for prey. Several species, like daddy long legs and the southern house spider, are not dangerous and can benefit our environment, but that doesn’t mean we want them invading our homes. Reduce spider activity in your home by:

  • Removing clutter and unnecessary items in your home and yard such as old tires, rock piles, and old newspapers or magazines
  • Keeping your exterior lights off at night or replacing your white lights with yellow lights
  • Spiders can slip under doors and windows; consider installing weatherstripping on doors and replacing damaged window seals to close the gap

If you’ve noticed an increase of summer pests at your Florida home, consider calling a pest control company near you! These professionals will provide you with a thorough inspection, identify the pests you may have, and provide you with a pest control and prevention plan to avoid future pest infestations.

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