Structural and Container Fumigation

McCall Service is proud to offer fumigation services designed for maximum protection of your business’s products, facility, and employees. Our service is ideal for damaging insect infestations, including both termites and beetles.
Commercial Pest Control Solutions

What is Fumigation?

Fumigation involves tenting or enclosing a structure, container, or room and filling it with gaseous pesticides–called fumigants—that suffocate or poison pests inside the area. Sealing the environment allows the gasses to penetrate the air as well as the structure itself, which is ideal for termites.

Once the fumigation process is complete, the area is ventilated to disperse the gas. Fumigation techniques are often hazardous to people, which is why the area will need to be closed off for at least a few days.

What You Need to Know

Where Does Fumigation Work Best?

Our fumigation services are ideal for a variety of facilities, structures, and agricultural containers, including:

  • Food production plants
  • Grain bins, seed processors, and feed manufacturers
  • Warehouse and logistics facilities
  • Trailers and railcar containers
  • Museum collections, furniture, and antiquities
  • Commodities

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Dealing with a pest infestation? Fumigation could be an effective solution to your pest problems. To learn more about fumigation and all our other pest control services, contact McCall Service today and schedule an appointment with a pest control professional.

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