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02 / 19 / 20

The McCall Service Guide to Termite Life Cycles

Thanks to our mild climate and pleasant weather, the spring season always seems to get a jumpstart in central Florida. But with spring, of course, comes the renewed risk for insect pests in our homes and businesses—and that includes…

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06 / 14 / 18
Termites crawling on wood

Don't Let Termites Rain On Your Parade This Summer

Avoiding costly termite damage means keeping a close watch on your home for signs of the wood-destroying pests. Here are a few tips for detecting termites before they put a stain on your summer.

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09 / 28 / 17
pieces of wood that have termite damage

Super-Termites, Meet Your Kryptonite

Termites cause damage, especially Formosan termites, the so-called “super-termite.” Call in McCall Pest Control to hit back with termite kryptonite.

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08 / 03 / 16

Why Is Termite Control Important?

There are lots of things that can go wrong with a home. In fact, a good home budget contains a home maintenance fund to handle home repairs because homes need maintenance. If you own your home for years, you will need to fix something at some point, but not all repair projects are the same. Fixing a window or door that is sticking is fairly straightforward. You remove the broken item and you replace it with something new. If the roof begins to leak, you replace it or shingle it. Termite damage isn't quite so straightforward. Here are the top three reasons why termite control is important.

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