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12 / 18 / 15
indian meal moth

Christmas And The Stored Product Pest

First of all, what is a stored product pest? These are bugs that don't generally work their way into your home. These creatures, or their eggs, are already inside the food you purchase from the store, and are carried in when you bring your groceries home. What makes these pests such a big pain around Christmas? They are often found in the dry stored food items we use to make Christmas dinner. If you plan on using flour, rice, wheat, spices, dried soup mixes, seeds, cereal, and other dried goods, you may be off to the store to stock up on these items. If you plan to make cookies, cake, chocolate fudge, biscuits, muffins, or other baked goods, your chances of getting a stored-product pest are increased.


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12 / 03 / 14
Coming Soon

Preventing Stored Product Pests

While adult stored product pests are the signs of an infestation, merely killing them is not the solution. Infested articles must be found and destroyed. Identification of the pest can provide clues on where to look but some of these insects can live on a wide range of materials.

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11 / 12 / 12
baking supplies infested with pantry pests

Holiday Stuffing Minus The Pantry Pests

Stuffing may be a delightful mix of all kinds of tasty spices and herbs but one thing you do not want to accidentally toss in the mix are pantry pests! We’re talking about the many stored product pests including cigarette beetles, drugstore beetles, flour beetles, Indian meal moths, and rice weevils which are all potentially lurking in your pantry.

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12 / 28 / 11
Stored Product Pests May Show Up In Your Baking

Protect Your Kitchen From Stored Product Pests

Now that Christmas has passed, and all of the holiday baking is done, many people have plenty of baking materials left over.  If you have too much left, it may take you quite some time to go through it.  Unfortunately, if not stored properly your baking supplies may attract pantry pests.

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