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10 / 24 / 16
earwig found in ocala home

Avoid Earwigs In Ocala This Fall

Earwigs are arguably one of the strangest pests that you will encounter here in Ocala. These pests look practically prehistoric which only adds to the illusion that they are somehow not from this world. Their reddish coloring, strange pincher appendage that protrudes from their backsides, and the way they wriggle and squirm add to their fame and lend a hand to the highly publicized tales about them. So, let’s take a look at these pests and separate fact from fiction with these top 5 surprising facts about earwigs.

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06 / 30 / 16
earwig crawling on countertop

Why You Do Not Want Earwigs In Your Home

There are some good and valid reasons why you don’t want earwigs in your home, but they do not include things like the fact that you don’t want them crawling into your ears while you are sleeping.  You see, these little pests get their name from an old wives’ tale.  This wives’ tale says that these interesting looking creatures have a taste for ear wax and brain consumption.  The long and short of this tale is that they will crawl into our ears when we are asleep and happily consume our earwax.

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02 / 24 / 16
earwig up close

When Earwigs Attack

If you laughed when you read the title of this article, you have probably dealt with a lot of earwigs in your life. These are generally a nuisance pest. They aren't going to attack you. They are just going to drive you crazy. So, if your Florida home is under "attack," fear not. We've put together this quick fact sheet to help you understand what you're dealing with.

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11 / 23 / 15
earwig crawling on a rock

Earwigs Inside Your Space

Earwigs!  No it is not a hairy fashion accessory that mid-century elites wore on their ears; or a fashionable new design in earrings.  Earwigs are those tiny reddish/brown creepy nocturnal insects that run really, really fast whenever you disturb their hiding places.  They love moisture and moderate temperatures.

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