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06 / 06 / 14
illustration of a sod web worm found in florida

Gainesville Pest Control Pros Offer Lawn Insect Tips

There are a lot of pests out there that can be a real pain for you as a homeowner and lawn insects are no exception. These bugs infiltrate yards and can easily turn your beautiful, green grass into yellow and brown patches. While many of the insects that wreak havoc on Gainesville lawns are harmless to humans, that doesn’t mean they aren’t annoying and frustrating to deal with. There are several lawn insects common to Gainesville.

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05 / 06 / 14
gainesville resident mowing their lawn

Best Practices For Mowing Your Lawn

Mowing your lawn may seem like a simple task but at McCall we know that it is far more than just starting the lawnmower up. In order to make sure that your lawn is as healthy as it can be there is a bit more to it than just simply mowing. Taking the time and steps to mow and care for your lawn properly will help to ensure that you lawn is green, healthy and an asset to the overall appearance of your home rather than a distasteful distraction.

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