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06 / 30 / 16
earwig crawling on countertop

Why You Do Not Want Earwigs In Your Home

There are some good and valid reasons why you don’t want earwigs in your home, but they do not include things like the fact that you don’t want them crawling into your ears while you are sleeping.  You see, these little pests get their name from an old wives’ tale.  This wives’ tale says that these interesting looking creatures have a taste for ear wax and brain consumption.  The long and short of this tale is that they will crawl into our ears when we are asleep and happily consume our earwax.

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05 / 17 / 16
earwig crawling on rock

How To Defend Your Garden From Earwigs

Many people don't think of earwigs as a garden pest, but rather, they are associated with a common myth. Read the truth about Tallahassee earwigs here.

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03 / 25 / 16
earwig crawling on floor

Earwigs: What Are They And What Do They Look Like?

What comes to mind when you hear the word, earwigs? If you are like most people who are familiar with these creepy little bugs, you probably think of the word, "Ewww!" Yup, they are gross and scary looking, but are all the myths about earwigs really true? Are they really the monsters that pinch and bite and burrow into people's brains to lay eggs? Well, if you're curious at all about these insects, perhaps you will find the following facts helpful.

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01 / 18 / 16
earwig climbing on flower

Earwigs, Or Ear Wigs?

Earwigs. You've probably heard the term before. But do you know what they are? To just look at the name, one might think this is some sort of weird kind of ear covering. Sort of like earmuffs, only made out of hair! Can you picture it? Tiny little wigs that people wear on their ears? Maybe some could be blonde and curly, while others long, shiny and black? Anyway, we digress. They aren't ear coverings at all.


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