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10 / 09 / 15
bed bug on mattress

Don't Throw Away Your Bed Because Of Bed Bugs

‘Bed bug’ is a horrible name. Honestly. The scientific name Cimex lectularius offers a little more insight into these bugs, in that lectularius means bed or couch, but even this fails to help us understand where these bugs live or how they spread. Hopefully, we can shed some light on this invasive blood-eating bug and give you some actionable advice to properly respond to an infestation.

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03 / 03 / 15
spring break in tampa

Spring Break, Tampa, Bikinis And Bed Bugs

When you think of Tampa you think of incredible beaches, world-class shopping, state-of-the-art clubs, 5-star restaurants, and the most diverse ecosystem of wildlife in the world. You don't think of bed bugs. But you should.

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02 / 18 / 15
Packing For Spring Break

Spring Break Bed Bug Guide

Jacksonville is a hotbed for spring breakers. But beautiful beaches and beautiful people aren't the only thing in Jacksonville. And, if you're not careful, you could take some hitchhikers home with you.

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11 / 21 / 14
up close image of a bed bug on bed spread

Why Bed Bugs Love The Holiday Season

Bed bugs aren't generally aware of the holidays. They don't throw a turkey in the oven, and they don't wait till you drip turkey juice between the oven and the stove like those cockroaches do. Bed bugs don't care for turkey or potatoes or cranberry sauce. Their diet is limited to just blood. Human blood.

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