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08 / 09 / 18
Mosquito sucking blood

A Rundown On The Most Common Health Issues Caused By Mosquitoes

We know that mosquitoes spread a variety of diseases, but which ones do they carry – and what can that mean for your health if they’re not taken care of?

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12 / 14 / 17
A colony of mosquitoes flying

The End Of Mosquito Season Isn't The End Of Mosquitoes In Florida

In most places, mosquitoes aren’t active during winter, but Florida is often an exception. McCall Services explains their extended season.

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07 / 31 / 17
mosquito bite

How Mosquito Control Works

Did you know that a single female mosquito can produce 3,000 larvae in her lifetime? No wonder it seems like there are millions of mosquitoes everywhere we turn and that we just can’t seem to avoid them! The good news about that number is that obviously the larvae aren’t all going to survive, in fact, most will succumb to the elements and become food for other insects and animals. But, none the less, the fact remains that some will survive and if they are not stopped the larvae will develop into more biting, disease spreading adult mosquitoes! The best way to control mosquito numbers on your Savannah, GA property, is not to kill them as they are biting you, or to stay inside all summer, the best solution is to be proactive and put into place a professional mosquito control program.

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06 / 30 / 17
mosquito biting florida resident

What Everyone In Jacksonville Should Know About Mosquitoes

We all know mosquitoes are a problem here in Florida. Those painful pests can give us more than itchy bites. They are directly connected to West Nile, dengue, yellow fever, Zika, malaria, chikungunya, and other viruses. And the Sunshine State is home to a wide range of mosquito species, including Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus, which are the primary vectors for the worst mosquito-borne human pathogens. Why is this? Because Florida has the warm, moist conditions that allow mosquitoes to thrive. And, when mosquitoes thrive, illness thrives with them. But, strangely, there are many who shrug the threat of mosquitoes off. Here's what you need to know.

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