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Common Pests In Tallahassee

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Do you love your Florida home? So do pests. Here are a few invaders you might have to deal with, and some easy tips to protect yourself and your family.


Arachnids come in many shapes and sizes. The spiders you'll find in your house most often are aptly call the Common House Spider. Whether you have an American house spider or a southern house spider, you'll only have to worry about getting a small itchy bump if you get bitten. The spiders you want to be cautious of are the black widow and brown recluse. These spiders hide in boxes, clothing, bed covers, shoes, and attic spaces. Always shake shoes and clothing, check the bedspreads before getting in, and be careful when opening boxes from the attic or flipping over objects in your yard.

Carpenter Ants

Ants of all varieties come looking for food, and carpenter ants are no different. Though carpenter ants can chew galleries through your wood, they do not consume wood. They need food to get their energy. Putting your stored food in sealed plastic containers and only putting pet food down at mealtime can help keep carpenter ants from wanting to be in your house. Keep floors, counters, rugs, and pantry areas clean of spills and crumbs. That will go a long way to excluding carpenter ants.


Roaches are nasty and hard to keep out. Deep cleaning grimy areas like between the oven and the wall, under the fridge, and anywhere organic material might be rotting, is a good way to keep roaches from sticking around. Get a trash can that fully seals. Don't stack dirty dishes on the counter; put them straight into soapy water. Don't leave fruit out.


Termites consume wood. There really is no way to use exclusion methods to deter this pest. You can however learn how to detect them. Inspect your basement walls routinely for mud tubing. Examine window sills, walkways, and decks for gossamer wings. Peel up mulch around your foundation and look for these winged insects. Consider getting rid of all that mulch.


Finding and removing wasps nests before they have a chance to grow, can save you from getting stung. Wasps build their nests under eaves and in shaded places. Yellow jackets also build nests in tree roots or holes in the ground. This makes them particularly dangerous when you go out to mow the lawn.

Protect Yourself

When you partner with a pest management company, you get protection for these and a host of other harmful and illness-spreading pests. Improve your quality of living today by partnering with a professional pest management company. It is the best thing you can do for your home and your family.

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