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With six months of hot and humid conditions and six month of less hot but still mild weather, Florida’s capital city sees a lot of pest activity. Cockroaches, termites, rodents – you name it, it probably is a problem in Tallahassee. If you are a property owner, you know how much of a challenge it can be protecting your home or business from unwanted and potentially destructive insects and rodents. Don’t go it alone… Call McCall. We Do It All!

McCall Service
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That’s right, McCall Service. We are a locally and family owned pest control company that has been providing effective and affordable pest control services in Tallahassee and throughout Northern Florida since 1928. We have a branch office located right in Tallahassee that services the city and surrounding areas including, but not limited to:





From ants to termites, McCall Service has the solution to your pest problem. With home pest control services starting as low as $29.99 per month, homeowners are sure to find a program that meets their needs and their budget. For those looking for complete pest and termite control AND lawn care services, our “We Do It All Bundle” is a great choice that gives you total peace of mind and cost savings. And we haven’t forgot about businesses in Tally. We offer comprehensive pest control services that are customized to suit the needs and regulatory requirements of the business. If you are looking for a pest management provider in Tallahassee, contact McCall Service today!



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