Having to deal with any type of pest problem in your home is incredibly challenging and stressful. Bats in particular require delicate care during the removal process due to the protection of bats within the state of Florida. If you find yourself with one of these sneaky creatures hiding in your attic, it is best to contact the professionals at McCall for the best bat control services near you.

Are bats dangerous?

Despite the portrayal of bats in movies and television shows, these creatures are not as dangerous as they appear. In fact, bats tend to avoid human contact unless provoked. This is why you can often find them hiding in the corners of your attic or basement. Bats prefer dark areas where they can hide and shield themselves from your view. However, just because they like to avoid humans does not mean that they do not present any sort of health risks. Bats are common carriers of rabies and can spread harmful diseases when they bite you. Their droppings also contain incredibly dangerous bacteria that have the potential to seriously endanger you and your loved ones if not properly removed. Once you have identified that you do, in fact, have a bat problem, contact the professionals immediately to keep you and your family safe.

How do I prevent bats from entering my home?

The best way to control a bat infestation is to take proper preventive measures. Many at-home remedies are unsuccessful and leave you with more problems than solutions. Whether you suspect that you already have a bat problem or you are trying to get ahead of the issue, our experts at McCall can help. When you request our services, we will provide a full inspection and offer advice for ways to keep bats from entering your home. You can read more about bat prevention in our blog, or put your trust in the experts and get your free quote today!

How do I get rid of bats in my home?

It is very tempting to head up to your attic with a broom and a bag to get rid of your uninvited guest on your own. However, there are several species of bats that are endangered or threatened meaning the survival of their species is vital. In fact, the United States federal government has many regulations in place regarding the removal of bats. When dealing with a bat infestation, it is best to let the professional wildlife specialists at McCall handle the problem. Our bat removal professionals can safely and legally remove bats from your property saving you from paying a hefty penalty for the illegal removal of a bat. We provide quality care during this process and offer quality advice to prevent future infestations from occurring. When you want the best, call McCall for bat removal services today!

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The next time you find yourself with an extra, unwelcome visitor in your home contact the experts at McCall. We are your go-to for bat control services as well as removal services for many other pests such as termites, bed bugs, and mosquitos. Get your free McCall quote or give us a call to schedule an inspection today!
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