Bed Bug Control

If your company is facing a bed bug problem or you are waking up daily to bed bug bites, McCall Service can help with proven extermination techniques for both residential and commercial needs.

bed bug control

Small Pest. Big Problem.

Bed bugs aren’t a housekeeping or sanitation issue, but they are a big problem for both homes and businesses in the Southeast. One of the most sensitive issues that property owners may contend with, bed bug infestations are stressful and time-consuming problems that can really blemish any business’s reputation.
Bed bugs aren’t just an issue for hospitality and vacation rental business owners, however. They can wreak havoc in your home if you happen to bring them back from a vacation at a resort or hotel, or even from visiting relatives during the holidays.

McCall Service focuses on completely eradicating bed bugs from your home. Our treatment includes identifying and treating all infested areas with a plan and methods tailored to your specific bed bug issue. Treatment options may include heat, chemical, steam, and HEPA vacuum techniques.

Residential Bed Bug Control

Heat Plus

This premium bed bug service includes both a basic heat treatment and a chemical treatment. In addition, we will provide follow-up chemical services and install bed bug proof mattress and box spring encasements. This option also includes a 30-day chemical re-treatment guarantee.

Basic Heat

Residual insecticides are used to treat along baseboards, wall voids, and under carpet near the walls, along with a vacuum that is used to remove active bed bugs. Afterward, a heat treatment is applied.


We use residual insecticides and/or steam to treat cracks, crevices, and wall voids in your home. HEPA vacuums on mattresses, box springs, sofas/couches, chairs, and other furniture will help remove bed bugs, too. In addition to the initial treatment, we will provide two follow-up treatments that are evenly spaced and completed no sooner than seven days and no later than 30 days after the initial service.

Bed Bug Control for Businesses

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Our 100% effective bed bug heat treatments eradicate bed bugs that have invaded businesses. This solution focuses on bringing affected rooms and spaces back in use within two days instead of several days, a common pitfall of other traditional bed bug control methods. Our eco-friendly heat treatments are effective in killing bed bugs at all stages of development and will exterminate them quickly and completely.

McCall Service heat treatment involves proper preparation of an infested area and its furniture. Our mobile heating units heat and maintain air temperatures to at least 120°F, a temperature proven to kill all stages of bed bug development.

Staff Training

Do your employees know what to do if bed bugs are detected in your restaurant, hotel, or other business? McCall Service educates your staff on bed bug issues and teaches them what to look for to help minimize your exposure to potential severe bed bug problems.

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