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Sylvester, GA Pest Control

Sylvester, GA, the self-described Peanut Capital of the World, is a laid-back yet growing city located in Worth County. As the city continues to expand, effective pest control is a big priority, and McCall Service is here to help! Whether you are trying to solve a current pest problem or want to protect your property from common pests like spiders, ants, mice, roaches, silverfish, and earwigs, the professional team at McCall Service has a solution for you.

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Home Pest Control

For homeowners looking to keep their houses free of invasive pests, home pest control from McCall Service is the answer. Our dedicated team will inspect the interior and exterior of your home and identify possible pest pressures and entry points, then follow up on a quarterly basis to ensure pests stay out. In addition to basic services, we also provide several add-on supplements that can be tailored to meet your needs and bundled together for maximum savings.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses in Sylvester choose McCall Service for their pest control needs because we’re committed to effective, eco-friendly solutions. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies ensure we treat areas with the fewest pesticides possible. With regular inspections and customized treatment plans for a whole host of pest issues, we do what it takes to keep your business, your customers, and your employees safe.

Bundle Your Services and Save

Whether you need basic pest control to remove nuisance pests from your home or are seeking comprehensive treatment for destructive pests like termites or rodents in your business, McCall Service offers pest control products to meet your needs. To learn more about our variety of pest prevention services or to schedule your free inspection, contact us today.

Seasonal Alerts: These Pests Are Active Now

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