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Sasser, GA Pest Control

Sasser, GA, is a quaint town of a few hundred located northeast of Albany on Highway 82. It’s a quiet community full of cozy houses, southern charm, and neighbors who look after each other. Thanks to its humid and warm climate, though, Sasser also features other unwanted neighbors like ants, fleas, mosquitoes, rodents, and more. These pests can put a serious dent in your enjoyment of an otherwise wonderful community.

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There is a solution to these pest woes. McCall Service has decades of experience throughout communities the southeast United States like Sasser, GA. With experienced technicians, year-round services, and deep knowledge of the area’s pest tendencies, McCall is the only pest control option you’ll ever need to call. And our preventative services can give you a shield of protection whether you’ve had pests or not. 

Home Pest Control

Southern living means close proximity to all manner of bugs and other pests that thrive in the humid Georgia weather. But your home is your home—you shouldn’t need to share it with those pests. Our home pest control bundles offer a wide variety of customizable solutions, including bait application, dust application, nest removal, and more.

Multiple programs and bundled options ensure that the solution you choose has been customized to address your specific issues, including:

In addition, add-on services ensure invasive pests like fleas, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees stay away from your home.

Commercial Pest Control

Pests represent a big threat to businesses of all types. They can cause property damage and destroy your business’s reputation as a good and clean establishment. But sometimes pests make their way in despite your best efforts. That’s where McCall comes in. We provide the commercial pest control you need. Our expert technicians offer exceptional customer service and implement programs developed and overseen by our on-staff entomologists. And our preventative services ensure your business doesn’t ever have to deal with a pest invasion.

Lawn Care

Tired of looking after your lawn? Struggling to keep your yard green and beautiful during the hot summer months? McCall doesn’t just do pest control; we have lawn care services, too. Our knowledge of lawn-destroying pests gives us an edge over traditional lawn care companies. And our flexible subscriptions let you sign up for what you need, all bundled in one convenient plan. 

McCall Is On-Call for Your Pest Needs

Pests are an unfortunate fact of life in Sasser, GA, but that’s why we’re here. McCall Service offers preventive and comprehensive pest control for your home and your business. And our lawn care services ensure that your yard looks great in addition to being pest-free. It’s simple: If you’ve got a pest problem or need lawn care done, call McCall. We do it all.

Seasonal Alerts: These Pests Are Active Now

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