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Putney Pest Control

While once a small hub for the pecan industry, Putney, Georgia, is now a desired residential community that offers residents beautiful homes in suburban to rural settings, great local employment opportunities, access to state-of-the-art medical facilities, and down-home Southern hospitality. Another thing that feels quite welcomed in Putney is pests. Termites, mosquitoes, rodents, bed bugs, and more find Putney the perfect place to thrive too. The weather here in Putney is ideal for pests to remain active throughout the entire year which is why year-round pest control packages from McCall Service are so important for Putney home and business owners. For more than 85 years, the trusted team here at McCall Service has been providing safe, effective solutions for pest pressures to thousands of your friends and neighbors here in Georgia and Florida, and we can help you with your pest pressures too. Simply give us a call or click onto our website to see how we can help you maintain a pest-free environment in your Putney home or business.

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Putney, GA, Home Pest Control 

Your Putney home is beautiful, and it is finally just the way you want it to be. Now it is time to protect that home and your family from the harmful and damaging effects of pests like rodents, termites, cockroaches, and more. McCall Service makes it easy with our home pest control program. We will protect your home from the most common pests to invade here in Putney with quarterly services that keep you free from pests all year long. Plus, we offer a bundle and save program that allows you to add services for those not so common pests like fleas, termites, mosquitoes, and more and save money in the process. To see how the certified pest experts here at McCall Service can customize a plan that is right for your Putney home, give us a call or a click today.

Termite Control in Putney, Georgia 

Termites are trouble. No matter how you look at it, these elusive pests can damage your home to an extent that is well beyond what other pests can do. The cost of their damages can even rival that of hurricanes, tornadoes, and fires. Subterranean termites accomplish this by entering your home by way of mud tunnels that they build from the ground, up the side of your foundation, and into your wall voids. Once there, they will begin devouring the beams and sills that form the foundational structure of your home, often working for years before their damage becomes severe enough to be noticed. This is why it is so important to have an effective termite monitoring and control system in place. The termite specialists here at McCall Service can help you with that. We offer safe, affordable termite monitoring and control services including the use of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ and our termite service can be bundled with our other industry-leading services to save you money. Give us a call today to see how we can personalize a termite control plan for your Putney property.

Biting Insect Control in Putney, GA 

Biting insects are no fun at all. In fact, they can be downright dangerous. Whether you are a person who reacts to the venom of bees, you are concerned about the dangerous disease that mosquitoes transmit (rightfully so), or you want to avoid the sleeplessness and embarrassment that comes with a bed bug infestation, the biting insect control services offered to Putney residents by McCall Service are for you. Our highly trained, certified experts offer state-of-the–art technologies, products, and protocols that can control the number of biting insects on your property. Whether you require mosquito remediation services, bed bug treatments, or protection from bees and wasps, you can trust the specialists here at McCall Service to provide fast, effective controls that safely limit the threat from these pests. Plus, our bundle and save program can help you to choose just the right programs for your property while saving money. To learn more about the biting insect control programs that McCall Service offers to Putney residents, give us a call or a click today.

Call McCall, We Do It All! 

When pests become a problem for your Putney home, you want to know that they will be dealt with quickly and safely. No matter the pest, you can find that peace of mind with McCall Service. For more than 85 years, we have been on the front line of the pest control battle here in Georgia and have gained invaluable insights into the local pest pressures. When you couple that with the integrated pest management practices and the effective products and protocols that we employ, you know that your pest pressures will be eliminated quickly and effectively. Just ask the thousands of your satisfied friends and neighbors that have turned to the trusted team here at McCall for their pest control needs. Here at McCall, we really do ‘do it all’.


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