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Mole Crickets

large brown mole cricket

Damages Landscapes

Difficult to Eradicate

Nuisance Pest

What are mole crickets?

Four species of mole crickets occur in Florida: the northern mole cricket, the short-winged mole cricket, the tawny mole cricket and the southern mole cricket. The southern and the tawny are the most prevalent.  Adults are about 1-1/2" long, light-brown and have forelegs well adapted for tunneling through the soil.

Why do I have mole crickets?

There is one generation per year in north and central Florida. Dispersal flights occur in the early spring and eggs are deposited during May. Females deposit approximately 130 eggs in the soil. Peak egg hatch occurs in June and the nymphs are mature by October.

Are they dangerous?

While they pose no threat to the health of people, mole crickets are considered a nuisance pest when they tunnel through the soil near the surface, severing the roots and uprooting the grass.  They will damage all grasses, but Bahia and Bermuda grass are their favorite hosts.

How do I get rid of mole crickets?

Like most pest problems, getting rid of mole crickets can be tricky.  Contacting McCall Service is the ideal way to protect your lawn and property from mole crickets.  We’ll evaluate the extent of your mole cricket problem and provide you with a free estimate on mole cricket control.

How soon can you get here?

At McCall Service we take all pest problems seriously and are committed to helping you as soon as possible.  In most cases we can respond the same or very next day.

How do I prevent this in the future?

Because of their nature, it is difficult to prevent mole crickets from taking up residence on your property in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Tampa, or elsewhere throuhout Florida.  Contact McCall Service at the first sign of a mole cricket infestation.

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