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As the fourth-largest city in the Tampa Bay area, Largo, FL, is a thriving place that truly cares about its residents and the sustainability of the community. Filled with lush outdoor parks, cultural facilities, and a wide array of shops, Largo provides families and outdoor enthusiasts alike with affordable living just a stone’s throw from beautiful beaches.

The weather in Largo offers a mild climate year-round – including wet summers and dry winters – that allows residents to live comfortably. But, unfortunately, such pleasant conditions also allow pests to live in that very same comfort. Luckily, your local pest control experts at McCall Service offer eco-friendly pest control solutions for homes and businesses all across the Largo area.

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Preventative Pest Control Solutions

At McCall, our pest control services are fast, effective, and affordable. With fully customizable solutions to meet your individual needs, Largo residents and business owners can count on our team of pest technicians to get rid of their pest problems any time of the year. Whether you’re dealing with rodents in your restaurant or termites in your home, our team can help you keep your space pest-free. Common pests we treat include:

With a subtropical climate, Largo attracts a plethora of pests that can damage your property and cause you unwanted stress. At McCall, our certified pest technicians can ensure harmful pests stay far away from your family, pets, or your customers.

Professional Lawn Care & Irrigation Services

Homeowners in Largo take pride in maintaining a lush landscape. From the health of your grass to the quality of your ornamentals, lawn care is an important aspect of proper pest control. In addition to preventative pest control solutions for structures, we also offer lawn care services – like brown patch fungus control, fertilization, and lawn pest control – that keep your yard green and thriving year-round.

Wildlife Removal & Relocation

While enjoying the wilderness from afar can be visually pleasing, sometimes wildlife can encroach on your land and damage your property. At McCall, our team specializes in wildlife removal and relocation for the most common critters around Northern Florida. From ambushing armadillos to raucous raccoons, we can get rid of nuisance wildlife and make sure these unwanted pests don’t come back.

Bundle Your Pest Control Services and Save Today

Whether ants are assembling in your kitchen or rodents are raiding your restaurant, our team at McCall Service in Largo, FL, can ensure your home or business stays pest-free no matter what time of the year. Get in touch with McCall today to schedule an inspectionschedule an inspection and find out how you can bundle your services and save.


Largo, FL

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