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A suburb just minutes north of Tallahassee, Havana, FL, is nothing short of unique in terms of its residents, visitors, and local specialty shops containing art, vintage collectibles, and more. From historic buildings to quaint cafes, there are more than enough relaxing activities to choose from.

With a nearby pest control office in Tallahassee, the pest extermination professionals at McCall Service are quite familiar with Havana. We value the culture of this special town and work to provide residents with effective pest control services that protect their homes and families. We understand the pest pressures that Havana residents and business owners face year-round, which is why they rely on our team to keep rodents, cockroaches, and other unwelcome pests and critters from invading.

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McCall Service Havana, FL


Home Pest Control in Havana, FL

No matter the type or severity of your pest problem, our Havana pest control treatments offer targeted solutions to every homeowner. Unfortunately, pest infestations are often an ongoing battle, which is why McCall offers monthly or year-round residential pest control services. Multiple programs and bundled options ensure that the solution you choose has been customized to address your specific pest issues, including:

In addition, add-on services ensure invasive pests like fleas, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees stay away from your home.

Havana, FL, Commercial Pest Control

Stores and businesses around Havana depend on us to keep their premises free of pests. A pest infestation isn’t just dangerous to your reputation; in many cases, damaging and harmful pests can get your employees or customers sick and wreak havoc on your business supplies and inventory. Whether you run a restaurant or own property, we can help keep these nasty invaders from making a home in your facilities with custom Havana commercial pest solutions that take your needs into account.

Local Pest Control Professionals in Havana

As Florida pest control experts, we know firsthand what pests Havana homeowners and businesses face each month of the year. McCall Service is proud to be your local pest control and extermination service. We serve the following cities and more in the Havana area:

  • St. Hebron
  • Hinson
  • Scotland
  • Scottown

Havana, FL, Lawn Care & Irrigation Services

Keeping your grass looking lively can feel like a struggle in Florida’s humid climate, but with our lawn care and irrigation services in Havana, the grass really is greener on the other side. With McCall Service’s comprehensive lawn care plans, we’re committed to ensuring your lawn stays lush and healthy all season long. We can help you with fertilization, treatments for pests, and keeping invasive weeds from creeping up on your grass.

Bundle Havana Pest Control Services Today and Save

Whether it’s comprehensive pest control for your Havana business or home, lawn care, or other services like wildlife removal and termite treatment, Call McCall…We Do It All!® Contact us now to schedule your inspection and free Havana pest control quoteschedule your inspection and free Havana pest control quote, or learn how you can bundle lawn and pest services for maximum savings.

Frequently Asked Questions about Havana Pest Control

How much is pest control in Havana on average?

After the initial setup fee, Havana pest control customers can expect to spend as low as $35 per month on quarterly services.

What do pest control services in Havana include?

When you choose McCall as your pest control service provider in Havana, we begin with an initial treatment that includes a thorough interior and exterior service. After that, our customers can expect to receive quarterly pest control services that target household-invading pests including ants, roaches, spiders, scorpions, wasps, silverfish, earwigs, millipedes, centipedes, flies, springtails, house crickets, and pillbugs.

Is monthly pest control in Havana necessary?

While we take a quarterly pest control approach for most of our customers in Havana, our pest control experts and technicians are just a call away for anyone who needs their home or business serviced between quarterly treatments.


Havana, FL

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