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Seeking a little slice of Americana coupled with some of the most elegant sand beaches in Florida? Look no further than Jacksonville Beach, FL. With miles of coastline hemmed by white sand beaches, quaint neighborhoods, and exciting shops, Jacksonville Beach is a desired location for tourists and residents alike. But people are not the only ones drawn to Jacksonville Beach. Pests – that are a nuisance at best and harmful or dangerous at worst – also love Jacksonville Beach. The answer to your Jacksonville Beach pest issues? McCall Service.

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Our highly trained professionals have been serving thousands of your friends and neighbors since 1928 with some of the most innovative and comprehensive pest control solutions available. We are a local company, so we understand local pest pressures and can quickly and efficiently eliminate pests from your Jacksonville Beach property.

Residential Pest Control

Living in Florida can sometimes bring risks, especially when it comes to nature. Severe weather like torrential rain and tropical storms are one kind, but pests are another. Florida’s mild winters and hot, humid summers often allow pests of all kinds to thrive all year long. Whether you’re dealing with kitchen ants, mosquitoes, or terrible termites, we have a solution that works to kick – and keep – them out of your Jacksonville Beach home. Pest issues we solve include:

Commercial Pest Control

Pests like insects and rodents aren’t just a problem for homeowners; businesses of all kinds attract invaders like rodents and bugs. If your restaurant, warehouse, or retail establishment is facing problems with pests (or you simply want to prevent them in the first place), we’re there for you. Learn about our commercial pest control solutions and schedule your inspection today.

Lawn Care Services

Ensuring your lawn stays green and healthy isn’t easy, especially in extreme summer heat. That’s why we offer lawn care services to help keep the grass green and invasive lawn pests away. Whether you need help fertilizing your lawn, treating for weeds, or preserving your outdoor space from pests, we can help.

Bundle Services for the Best Value

From comprehensive pest control programs to regular lawn care services, at McCall, we do it all. Learn how you can bundle many of our most popular service options together for maximum value and save time and money. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Seasonal Alerts: These Pests Are Active Now

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