Industry Solutions

Protect your employees, facility, inventory, and brand with a customized pest control solution from McCall Service. In business since 1923, we have the experience and expertise to provide your company with a pest management solution designed specifically for your industry. Keep scrolling to learn more about the industries we serve. If you don’t see your type of business, simply give us a call to find out how we can help keep your company pest-free!

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McCall Service understands the unique challenges that schools, daycare centers, or other educational facilities face when addressing pest problems. Not only are insects and rodents capable of damaging your facility, but they also can pose a health risk to students, faculty, and visitors as well as detract from the learning environment. When we arrive, we’ll identify the trouble areas and develop a plan of action that rids your cafeteria, classrooms, and entire building of pests – and keeps them out! To learn more about education services, reach out today.


school in jacksonville infested with pests

Food & Beverage Processing

Insects and rodents are a threat to food and beverage processing facilities: They contaminate products, spread food-borne illnesses, damage structures, and put companies under public scrutiny. At McCall Service, we have been servicing Florida’s food processing industry for many years and are aware of the high standards and stringent controls required. When we partner with food and beverage producers, we consistently deliver an intelligent, comprehensive, and technologically advanced solution. If your facility is facing pest issues, contact us to fix the issue.

Food Service

Restaurants and other food service establishments are consistently attacked by pests. After all, most of these buildings possess everything they could want: food and moisture to feed on and supplies to hide in. Flies, roaches, rodents, or other insects can – and will – contaminate food, drive away customers, and potentially ruin your reputation. Here at McCall Service, we understand that providing your customers with a pleasant, pest-free experience is vital to your success. Our unique scope of service enables us to provide unequaled pest management solutions for all facets of the food service industry. Call today to learn more.

restaurant in gainesville infested with mice


Healthcare facilities contain many sensitive areas, and pests such as rodents and bed bugs can cause serious issues for patients, staff, and the facility. At McCall Service, we offer the highest level of service to hospitals and other healthcare facilities by developing specific treatment protocols for the environment including residential areas and even food carts. Our objective is to provide immediate and long-lasting relief so that you can focus on your patients. Reach out to us today to discover how our services can help.


Owners, managers, and employees at hotels and other commercial lodgings are often faced with the challenge of providing pest-free accommodations for guests. The team at McCall Service realizes that in order to maintain high occupancy rates and a sterling reputation, the facility must be free of bed bugs, roaches, and other bothersome and harmful pests. With McCall Service on board, you can focus on the needs of your guests while we take care of the infestation. We’ll develop a pest management program based on the unique needs of the hotel and the pest pressures it faces. Schedule your inspection today.

hotel in tampa infested with bed bugs

Office Buildings

Maintaining a pest-free office not only encourages productivity but also eliminates the health risks introduced by insects and rodents. At McCall Service, we are experienced in providing effective pest control services for office buildings and will work with your company to eliminate existing infestations and prevent pests from returning. Call now for office pest solutions.

Property Management

As a property management firm, your job is to keep tenants in and pests out – not the other way around. At McCall Service, we’ve developed a pest management program for managed properties that allows us to quickly respond to critical situations to minimize the impact on tenants and buildings. Our recurring services focus on both immediate and long-term pest management solutions for apartment buildings, condos, and other managed properties. Protect your property with regular service.

commercial building in gainesville infested with pests


McCall Service realizes you work hard to attract and maintain customers. We also realize that a pest sighting in your retail space is not only damaging to your company’s reputation, but it may also deter loyal shoppers and damage your products and building. When our experienced pest control technicians arrive at your store, they’ll assess the situation and develop a pest control plan that takes into account your space, your pest pressures, and your budgetary restrictions. Tailored to resolve pest problems with minimal impact on operations, our retail pest control program is the ideal solution to keep your store full of customers – not insects or rodents. Secure the pest control service that’s right for your store.


Customers are simply not going to buy produce when fruit flies are swarming. Likewise, they will probably avoid your store if they’ve spotted cockroaches, mice, or pest birds. At McCall Service, we realize that even a single pest sighting could have a negative impact on your company’s reputation. That’s why we offer customized pest control for supermarkets and grocery stores that focus on their unique needs. Resolving rodent activity on the loading dock and pest birds nesting in the rafters are just part of a customized pest management program. Find your custom solution today.

grocery store in tampa infested with roaches

Warehouses & Distribution Centers

If insects and rodents are destroying stock and disrupting your business, McCall Service can help. We know that a pest-free environment is critical to your operation, which is why we offer pest control services designed specifically for this industry. When you call McCall, our objective is to protect your facilities and your products from pest contamination and damage. Contact us for pest service now.