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You've heard it before, “your home is your castle.” A house is often the largest purchase you will ever make.  Whether you are a real estate professional helping your client find the perfect house or a home buyer turning a dream into a reality, be certain with McCall's Home Inspection Services.


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Stand Alone Home Inspections

A home inspection allows a buyer to identify areas that may need to be addressed so that purchase decisions are made with confidence and certainty. 

Typical home inspections include assessment of:

  • heating and air conditioning systems

  • plumbing and electrical systems

  • roof

  • attic and insulation

  • walls, ceilings, floors

  • windows and doors

  • foundation, basement and structural components

Home Inspections vary in length and detail, often depending on the age and maintenance of a home.

McCall’s home inspections may be bundled to include a comprehensive pest inspection, termite inspection, and termite letter.


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Termite Inspections, Pest Inspections & Termite Letters

Beyond the traditional home inspection, it's important to assess the home for signs of pest activity and conditions that indicate future problems. Banks, mortgage companies and other lenders often require a termite clearance letter that indicates the structure has been inspected by a licensed pest professional.

In Florida, these are called Wood Destroying Organism Inspection Reports (WDOs) and in Georgia these are known as Wood Infestation Inspection Reports (WIRs).

McCall has partnered with the real estate industry for over 90 years and counting. We will meet you onsite quickly to keep your closing on track.  




Home Inspection FAQs

How much does an inspection cost?

Pricing for McCall’s inspection services depend on several factors.

In Florida, home inspections when bundled with our pest inspection, termite Inspection and termite Letter vary depending on the size and condition of the home. A typical well maintained three (3) bed/two (2) bath Florida home averages $725 for a complete home inspection, pest Inspection, termite inspection and termite letter. Pricing for individual inspections outside of the bundled inspection service varies by market and property. Call McCall for a quote today!

In Georgia, home inspections when bundled with our pest inspection, termite inspection and termite letter vary depending on the size and condition of the home. A typical well maintained three (3) bed/two (2) bath Georgia home averages $450 for a complete home inspection, pest inspection, termite inspection and termite letter. Pricing for each individual inspection service outside of the bundled inspection service is subject to varies buy market. Call McCall for a quote today!

All inspection reports will be provided in PDF format at no additional cost. A hard copy of the report may be prepared and mailed at your election for an Administrative Fee of $55.

Does the quality of your inspection really matter?

A high quality, professional report is one of the most important things a home inspector provides to their client, second only to the knowledge and experience they bring to the inspection itself. With McCall, you get highly educated, qualified and certified professionals delivering you comprehensive, easy-to-read inspection reports. Our reports are available to view anywhere, anytime using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Compiling a report “on-site” as some companies boast is not indicative of a professional or thorough report. Clear communication and documentation set us apart from the rest. If you’re looking for outstanding customer service, attention to detail and results you can trust, you’re in the right place. Our comprehensive inspection reports will be available to you no later than two (2) business days following the inspection, guaranteed.

How long does an inspection take?

Every home is different, but generally we plan on three (3) to four (4) hours for a full Home Inspection, Pest Inspection and Termite Inspection. Call McCall today!

How long is the termite clearance letter valid?

There are some nuances between states, and requirements vary among lenders. Regardless of these differences, WIRs in Georgia and WDOs in Florida are generally valid for at least thirty (30) days. Some lenders require that the clearance letter is issued within thirty (30) days of closing.

How are termite protection and McCall plans priced?

McCall is an Authorized Operator of the Sentricon® Always Active Termite Colony Elimination System – the most effective, environmentally sound and least invasive termite treatment available. Check out of Termite Service here.

I represent the seller. How is the process different?

McCall’s inspection process is built with the home buyer in mind. We are always happy to work with sellers and sellers’ agents as well. Please contact us to get started.


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