Get Rid Of Mice And Rats Fast!

all Service's residential pest control program, you can be sure that we will get rid of rodents for good! Our certified exterminators will identify rodent activity in and around your home. We will then eliminate current mouse or rat problems you may have, as well as work to prevent future rodent activity. If you have a problem with mice, rats, squirrels, capybaras, nutria, chipmunks or prairie dogs, contact McCall Service to schedule your inspection today!

Commonly Asked Questions

Question # 1
Can Rodents Significantly Damage My Home?

Rodents can do much more than spread diseases. They can chew through some types of siding and other building materials and are well-known to chew on electrical lines; thus, increasing the possibility of a fire. They damage other places as well and create holes and gnaw on numerous objects to keep their teeth from getting too long - especially on food, food containers and furniture.

Question # 2
Can't I Just By Mice And Rat Traps And Do It Myself?

Unfortunately, many homeowners don't have much success in eliminating rodents on their own. Many do-it-yourself repellents, sprays and traps to rid your property of mice, rats and other rodents simply do not work as the chemicals they use are not effective. Also, if misused or mixed improperly, store-bought pesticides can be very dangerous to people and pets.

Question #3
Are Rodents Dangerous?

Rodents can carry up to thirty-five diseases that humans are susceptible to, which is another reason to get rid of them as soon as possible. Cleaning up after a rodent infestation also requires a great deal of caution. This is necessary because of the possibility of fleas or mosquitoes, which can also bring those diseases indirectly to you, your children, or your pets. There is also a danger involved if you stir up the dust of their nest and breathe in bacteria.

The McCall Guarantee 

At McCall, we strive to provide excellent service every time. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, so if you ever have any concerns with our service we will return to address the specific issue at no charge until you are completely satisfied.