Is Your Lawn Green And Healthy?

Maintaining a healthy lawn can be a serious challenge for Florida property owners. Between pest problems and lawn diseases it’s not easy to keep your lawn in good shape. If you’ve noticed brown patches on your lawn or other symptoms of a lawn in trouble, contact McCall Service today. We’ll help you identify what type of lawn disease is to blame and our Lawn Care Services will restore your lawn!

Commonly Asked Questions

Question # 1
Do I Really Need Professional Lawn Care?

Weather, frost and insects, as well as wear and tear and over-watering, can have a negative impact on your lawn. Over time, these factors can lead to permanent damage. Our lawn program provides balanced fertilization, turf damaging insect control, broadleaf weed control and some turf diseases. We use premium, custom blended products. Our service provides for a standard service each treatment cycle, but each application is customized based on what your lawn needs at the time.

Question # 2
Can't I Just Spread Fertilizer Myself?

Our lawn care services are administered by service technicians experienced and knowledgeable in disease control, insect control and application methods that are designed to keep your lawn and ornaments green and healthy. We offer a variety of lawn care treatments and solutions that will restore and rejuvenate your lawn.

The McCall Guarantee 

At McCall, we strive to provide excellent service every time. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, so if you ever have any concerns with our service we will return to address the specific issue at no charge until you are completely satisfied.