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Clearwater, FL Pest Control

Residents in Clearwater, Florida, are offered comfortable neighborhoods in a semi-tropical setting complete with gorgeous white sand beaches, luscious blue/green waters, and plenty of shopping and eating venues to choose from. Visited by millions of people annually, Clearwater is a desired destination for families from all over the world. All of this also makes it a desired location for pests like mosquitoes, termites, bed bugs, and many more. This is why McCall Service stands ready to help home and business owners defend against pests with industry leading services, highly advanced technologies, and safe products that work to eliminate pests. Our highly trained pest experts can quickly identify pests, locate nesting sites, eradicate all stages of insects, and put integrated pest management strategies in place to keep pests out in the future. To see how we can help you keep your Clearwater home or business pest free, simply give us a call today.

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McCall Gets Rid of Bed Bugs in Clearwater, FL

Bed bugs are now a fact of life, especially if you live in a destination that receives visitors from all over the world like Clearwater, Florida, does. These pests, that were once nearly extinct in the U.S., have made a comeback of epic proportions. They have become resistant to some of the traditional materials that once were effective at eliminating them, and they have developed strategies to avoid detection while they breed and increase their numbers. But don’t worry. The bed bug specialists here at McCall Service have you covered. Our experts’ only goal is to completely eradicate bed bugs in your Clearwater home or business using advanced solutions that meet the specific needs and requirements of your business, your home, and your family. We utilize bed bug sniffing dogs to help us quickly locate bed bugs and heat treatments that are highly effective in eliminating bed bugs in all stages of development. Our highly trained bed bug specialists know how to identify bed bugs, find all of their nesting sites, and discreetly eliminate them. Give us a call today if you suspect that bed bugs have found their way into your Clearwater home. McCall Service, when it comes to pests, we really do it all.

Home Pest Control in Clearwater, Florida

Protecting your Clearwater home from damage comes in many different forms, but none quite as important as protecting it from harmful and damaging pests. Not only will pests like termites and rodents pose a danger to the structural integrity of your home; but pests like mosquitoes and cockroaches, can carry and transmit some serious diseases to you and your family. Keeping year-round pests from accessing your home is a year-round job that is best accomplished by the expert technicians here at McCall Service. For more than 80 years now, McCall Service has been providing expert services that work to control the ongoing threat that pests pose to Clearwater homes. Not only do we have more than 8 decades of hands-on experience in local pest pressures, but we also come armed with the latest technologies, protocols, and products that can effectively control pests in and around your home. To see how affordable we can help you maintain a pest-free Clearwater home, simply give us a call today; and be sure to ask us about our fabulous bundle and save program.

Pest Control for Businesses in Clearwater, FL

Keeping your Clearwater business pest-free is not only a constant task, but it is also necessary in order to maintain the integrity of your product and your reputation. The commercial pest control experts here at McCall Service understand that no two businesses are exactly alike, that pests never take a day off, and that each pest poses its own unique challenges. This means that your pest control services need to be constant, designed to meet the specific requirements and regulations of your industry, and tailored to meet the specific pest pressures your business is facing. Our industry experts work hard to make sure this happens. We employ integrated pest management principles to address the areas and conditions that are drawing pests to your property in the first place, and we will treat any areas that are facing current pest pressures. When you turn to McCall Service for your commercial pest control needs, you can be assured that you are receiving industry-leading services from qualified technicians that are committed to providing the best possible solutions for your pest pressures. To see how we can help you maintain a pest-free commercial environment in your Clearwater business, simply give us a call today.

Some of the industries that we service include:

  • Hospitality services

  • Office buildings

  • Property management

  • Retail

  • Supermarkets

  • Warehouse & distribution centers

  • Schools

  • Healthcare

  • Restaurants

  • Food & beverage processing

Why Choose McCall Services

McCall Service has been successfully eliminating local pests for more than 85 years. That means that our highly trained and trusted pest control specialists have all of that practical experience and have gained valuable insights into local pest pressures. Our clients experience the integrity and honesty that has earned McCall Service a stellar reputation for exceptional customer service, and the effective pest control solutions that utilize integrated pest management practices, effective products, innovative technologies, and established protocols that have been proven to be effective in eliminating local pest pressures. But the biggest reason that you should choose McCall Service is the testimony of the thousands of your satisfied friends and neighbors that have turned to the trusted team here at McCall for their pest control needs. Just ask them! Here at McCall, we really ‘do it all’.

Services we offer Clearwater residents include:

Seasonal Alerts: These Pests Are Active Now

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