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Bradenton, FL Pest Control

Bradenton is a beautiful Florida city that is located in Manatee County. While Bradenton is well known for being home to Tropicana’s juice facilities; it is also home to both well established and new and upcoming communities.  It has a bustling downtown that is full of local businesses, offices, and government buildings. To help keep your Bradenton home or business free of the many pests that thrive in the warm humid Florida weather, the pest control professionals here at McCall Service have developed a variety of effective pest control services. For local pest control, performed by experts, trust the dedicated Florida pest control experts at McCall Service!

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Residential Pest Control Services In Bradenton, FL

Home pest control for your Bradenton home is important because pests found living in Florida are active year-round. By implementing a year-round pest control program you can ensure that current pests that have decided to invade your home will be quickly eliminated and that future pests are going to be stopped; stopped before they have the chance to enter your home and contaminate food sources, damage personal property, and introduce diseases and bacteria among other things.

Our home pest control services include an initial interior and exterior treatment, followed by quarterly pest control services. To ensure that you are receiving exactly what you need to keep your Bradenton home and property free of pests, we offer the Bundle & Save program. This program allows our homeowners to choose between pest control, lawn care, termite control, and mosquito remediation services to be bundled together. Through this program the more services you sign up for the more money you save; meaning less pests, and more money in your bank account- that’s a deal that can’t be beat!

Bed Bug Control In Bradenton, FL

Bed bugs are found invading homes and businesses throughout Florida, they aren’t something to be embarrassed about, but they are something that requires immediate attention. By choosing McCall Service to get rid of a bed bug infestation, you are choosing a company that is dedicated to ensuring the complete elimination of bed bugs.

At McCall Service we start with a thorough inspection of your property by one of our experienced technicians, if bed bugs are found we immediately discuss with you which of our effective treatment options is right for your home. Our Heat Plus option is our premium bed bug service and utilizes a heat treatment, chemical treatment, and a follow-up chemical treatment. We will also install bed bug proof mattress/box spring encasements. We guarantee this service with a 30-day chemical re-treatment guarantee. To learn more about Heat Plus or our other bed bug control options for Bradenton homes or businesses give us a call today.

Commercial Pest Control In Bradenton, Florida

McCall Service has been providing commercial pest control services since 1928, because of our longevity in the pest control industry we have come to truly understand the needs of all our commercial customers. We know how important a pest-free environment is to the success of your business and can provide the services you need to ensure that pests stay outside where they belong. All of our commercial pest management programs are developed and overseen by our on-staff entomologists and are tailored to your business’s unique needs. We combine the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) into all of our programs. Through IPM only the necessary areas of your facility are treated- including the areas in and around your business that pests may use as passageways and hiding places. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial pest control programs.

Why Choose McCall Service In Bradenton, FL

McCall Service is a local family owned and operated pest control company that is dedicated to providing outstanding pest control services and superior customer service. By choosing McCall Service you can be sure that you are choosing a company that is committed to giving its customers effective, eco-friendly pest control solutions that are going to make any Bradenton, FL home or business pest free.

We are a full-service company and provide the following quality services:

Seasonal Alerts: These Pests Are Active Now

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