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Posts with the tag: "West Nile Virus"

07 / 31 / 15
Chickens In Tarpon Springs

West Nile Confirmed In Tarpon Springs Chicken

Are you aware of the chickens on the wall? Like sentry guards, they scan the horizon, searching for danger with their ever-watchful eyes. Ready, at a moment's notice, to cluck out a warning call to stir the men-at-arms. "Danger approaches!" They cry in a language not yet known to man. "Ready the trebuchets! Ready the flaming arrows!!" What? Too dramatic? Okay. We may be exaggerating things a bit. But it's true. We owe our very lives to the chickens that watch over us.

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05 / 06 / 15
up close image of a mosquito biting skin

Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Your Backyard

Residents of Ocala run the risk of encountering pesky mosquitoes when they spend time in their backyard and especially after rain. They seem to come in endless swarms, buzzing in your ear and attacking your exposed skin.

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10 / 07 / 14
mosquito at rest

Confirmed Case Of West Nile Virus In Alachua County

Avoiding mosquito bites is not only essential for your comfort but also your health. There are 170 different kinds of mosquitoes that carry many different diseases.

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10 / 12 / 12
mosquito in jacksonville florida

Florida Pest Pros On Getting Rid Of Mosquitoes

The intense heat of the summer is beginning to dissipate which makes it a perfect time of the year to host an outdoor gathering in Northern Florida. But beware, mosquitoes are still out and about and could still ruin your outdoor fun. Prevention and protection from mosquitoes and their itchy, dangerous bites remains an important practice for those living in Tampa, Gainesville, Ocala, and Jacksonville as well as Tallahassee and surrounding Northern Florida areas.

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