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12 / 28 / 15
termites tunneling


Here in the Southeast you hear about termites all the time. A severe infestation here or a gigantic infestation there, but you never really think that the ‘here or there’ will involve your home! The truth is, the percentages are not in your favor, and sooner or later you are bound to be faced with termites.

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11 / 11 / 15
technician checking for termite activity

Procrastination And Pest Control

Are you the kind of person who puts things off? There are some things in life that can be put off: cleaning out the garage, fixing the fence, painting the shed; but termite protection is not something you should ever put off, especially if you live in Florida. From Miami to Tampa, from Tampa to Jacksonville, Florida is a hot bed for termites; and not just any termites. We have the worst, property-eating termites found anywhere in all of these United States.

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09 / 10 / 15
termites chewing through a wooden surface

Good Bug, Bad Bug

Women love high heels. There’s no disputing that fact. For some, it’s because heels make their legs look amazing. For others, a pair of four-inch heels completes an outfit like no flat possibly could. Wearing heels has some drawbacks though. For example, did you know that wearing high heels (especially pointed toe ones) could mess with your posture and your gait? How about the fact that wearing them may cause calluses and corns or worse result in stress fractures and other health problems? You might say high heels are good and bad just like some bugs are good and bad.


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07 / 26 / 15
Batman and Robin Stamp

Florida's Dynamic Duo

No, we're not talking about Adam West and Burt Ward, television's first Batman and Robin. Florida's Dynamic Duo is subterranean and drywood termites. Together, these two home wreckers pack a punch. "Blaaaaam!"

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