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10 / 17 / 16
sentricon system in front of a florida home

Why Buy Termite Protection?

Nobody likes termites so why would you let them into your home in the first place? Well, even though no one invites them, they seem to invite themselves and find a way in anyways. The important thing to remember is that all homes and businesses can be susceptible to an infestation. They travel underground and through mud tunnels or on wood products to gain access to the yummy support beams of your home or business where they silently eat away to their heart’s content.

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09 / 21 / 16
checking termite bait station

Protect Your Tallahassee Home From Termites

Let’s face it, the perfect climate here in Tallahassee offers a lot of benefits, but it also offers the perfect environment for insects to thrive in. Some insects are quite noticeable, like those hornets nesting in the back yard, or the mosquitoes buzzing around your head. Others are not quite so noticeable, like the mice hidden in your walls, or the cockroaches that forage at night. Then there are some pests that are nearly impossible to find.

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07 / 25 / 16
termite bait station install

Protect Your Ocala Home From Termites

A question that is often asked of the pest control professionals at McCall Service is “Do I need termite control for my home in Ocala?” The simple, very short answer is, yes. We definitely recommend it.

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07 / 22 / 16
termite bait station being inspected

How To Get Rid Of Termites In Savannah GA

As most southern homeowners are aware of, termites are a huge problem. Every home, building, and property is at risk for termites and should be protected against them. But, protecting your home with DIY termite control products usually only leads to more complicated infestations, a waste of time, money, and effort and the risk of putting your family and pets in danger from improperly mixed or applied chemicals. Listed below are a few more reasons why DIY termite products should not be used.

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