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02 / 28 / 19
Capybara hiding in brush

All You Need To Know About The Now-Common Capybara

Capybaras are cute, but you definitely don’t want them around your home, garden, or pool. Get all the info you need about this recently introduced pest.

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11 / 30 / 17
A group of rats huddle together for warmth

How A Rat Infestation Quickly Grows Out Of Control

Short gestation periods and large litters allow rodents to multiply quickly, making pest control tricky. Trust McCall Service for efficient extermination.

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10 / 19 / 15
mouse eating stored food

Gainesville Restaurants Fight Rodents

There is nothing worse for a restaurant owner than to get a visit from a government inspector following up on a report. If violations are found to substantiate the complaint filed, it can lead to a forced closure. It is hard to come back from a headline that reads, "Restaurant in Gainesville closed due to rat infestation," or "Rat droppings found in Gainesville area restaurant." That is why it is so important to make pest control a priority. Here are some of the things an inspector will look for, and what you can do when you find these signs in your Gainesville restaurant.

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09 / 11 / 15
hurricane evacuation sign

Hurricane Season And What It Means For Pests In Ocala

The warning goes out. There is a new tropical storm brewing in the Atlantic. You check the internet and watch it develop. You hear about it in your car. It's on the television when you get home. You keep track of its path and the strength of those winds with one purpose: To make sure your family is safe. Then the unmentionable happens. The storm starts to track toward your town. You board the windows. You bring everything into the garage that could take flight. Once you are sure that your home and property are as safe as they can be, you pack the family in the vehicle and head north. The route is already planned out. You know exactly where to go to wait for the storm to pass. If you've lived in Florida for a while, you are familiar with this scenario. Hurricanes go hand in hand with living in the Sunshine State. But we've painted this image for a reason.

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