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03 / 17 / 15
Home in Florida

What Pests Like

Is your Gainesville home attractive to pests? Florida is home to a large variety of bugs and wildlife that can damage your home, spread illness to your family, bite you, sting you, and drive you crazy. But there are some things that can be done to naturally deter pests from wanting to be in your yard, and in your house.

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10 / 07 / 14
mosquito at rest

Confirmed Case Of West Nile Virus In Alachua County

Avoiding mosquito bites is not only essential for your comfort but also your health. There are 170 different kinds of mosquitoes that carry many different diseases.

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04 / 30 / 14
termites in gainesville florida

Gainesville Termite Prevention Tips

Termites are not one of those pests that quickly become obvious as soon as they enter your home. Termites are known as the “silent destroyers” and this is a name they have rightfully earned! These pests are capable of doing a significant amount of damage to the structure of your home before you even realize you have a termite problem. In nature, termites are very useful insects, eating up decaying vegetation and wood to recycle it back into nature. When termites find your home, these wood destroying insects eat the wood from the inside out. This appetite of theirs can cause damage to your home as well as structural problems. What are the signs of termites and how can they prevented? Here are helpful termite control tips from the experts of termite control in Gainesville at McCall Service.

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01 / 27 / 14
termites in Florida damage homes

Pest Control For Snow Birds

If you are one of the many snow birds who get to enjoy two homes each year, now is the time to get back to your Northern Florida winter home. But it’s not all sunshine and beaches if you are arriving to pests in your home.

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