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01 / 27 / 14
termites in Florida damage homes

Pest Control For Snow Birds

If you are one of the many snow birds who get to enjoy two homes each year, now is the time to get back to your Northern Florida winter home. But it’s not all sunshine and beaches if you are arriving to pests in your home.

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10 / 15 / 13
Florida Year Round Pest Control

Tips For Snowbirds To Prevent Pests

Are you planning to head back to Florida anytime soon? The temps in the north have really dropped, so many folks are soon heading to their winter homes in the great sunshine state. Before you plan the trip south, consider the pest control services from McCall Service to ensure your Florida home is pest free before your arrival.


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04 / 24 / 12
Pest Proofing FL Home

Snowbirds Should Not Cancel Pest Control Services

As the final boxes are shipped up North snowbirds are busy making calls to turn off services and utilities for the season. Although you may be looking for ways to save money while spending the summer away from your Ocala, Gainesville, Jacksonville or other Northern Florida home, services such as pest control are not a good idea to cancel!

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04 / 20 / 12
Pest Proofing Tips For Florida Homeowners

Pest Proofing Tips For The Departing Snowbirds

With one final dip in the warm ocean and a last minute golf game, it is time for the snowbirds of Florida to head north again. With all of the preparations to shut down one home and open up another, things can be easily forgotten such as pest proofing. In order to help simplify the process and stay pest free whether you are here or there, here are a few helpful tips from the experts in pest control at McCall Service for closing up your warm winter home.

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