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12 / 21 / 15
seeding grass in florida

Why Overseeding Can Be Beneficial To Your Jacksonville Lawn

As the weather turns colder in Florida, it is time to start thinking about how to best preserve your lawn through the winter. Wintertime for Florida lawns means slower growth and less color. Sometimes grass even turns brown, but take heart. There is a solution for brown, dead-looking turf. It is called "overseeding." When you take the time to overseed before the weather gets too cold, you will ensure that your lawn stays healthy through the winter, and more importantly, green.

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12 / 15 / 14
image of a healthy lawn in florida

Winter Lawn Care Tip: Overseeding

How can you help your lawn to survive the colder winter months? During the winter months, Florida lawns tend to take a turn for the worse. They grow slower, loose color and even turn brown. The solution to this winter grass dilemma is “overseeding” your lawn. Taking time to do the fall months before the temperature drops will help you to ensure your lawn stays healthy all winter. This will also help with the transition into spring with a nice green lawn.

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