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01 / 24 / 19
Technician treating a lawn for winter weather

Lawn Care To Mend The Wear And Tear Of Winter

It’s easy to neglect your lawn in the winter, but there are many things you can do to keep your Florida lawn looking vibrant and lush.

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09 / 13 / 18
Black and brown flea

Reproduction Run Rampant: Why Even A Few Fleas Are A Bad Sign

Finding a few fleas might seem fine, but don’t just brush it off – you could have a home infestation on your hands. Flea control can take the weight off.

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04 / 19 / 18

Ants Can Get Aggressive About Entering Your Home In April

During spring, ants become more active, entering homes in search of food or shelter. Keep McCall Service’s tips in mind to prevent them from invading.

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08 / 04 / 15
Image of cockroach

Pest Control For Ocala Residents

There are many pests that can attack your Florida home, your pets, your children, and you. Carpenter ants chew tunnels and pockets inside your walls. Carpenter bees bore up into eaves, porches, decks and stairs. Fleas leave painful itchy bites on the skin of your pets. Wasps crawl in places where they come in contact with your back, your arms and your hands. Cockroaches spread disease. Spiders bite. Scorpions sting. Ticks and mosquitoes spread illness, and the list goes on and on and on. It is time to fight back! It is time to improve your quality of living and put a barrier between your home and these invasive pests.

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