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10 / 12 / 12
mosquito in jacksonville florida

Florida Pest Pros On Getting Rid Of Mosquitoes

The intense heat of the summer is beginning to dissipate which makes it a perfect time of the year to host an outdoor gathering in Northern Florida. But beware, mosquitoes are still out and about and could still ruin your outdoor fun. Prevention and protection from mosquitoes and their itchy, dangerous bites remains an important practice for those living in Tampa, Gainesville, Ocala, and Jacksonville as well as Tallahassee and surrounding Northern Florida areas.

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07 / 17 / 12
mosquito biting a person in florida

Florida Pest Control Pros Offer 7 Ways To Control Mosquitoes

With a preference for blonds or people wearing darker clothing, mosquitoes can really create quite a nuisance for some, especially at outdoor gatherings. Whereas bats, frogs and other insects tend to enjoy close proximity to mosquitoes, the rest of us have no need to be up close and personal with these biting pests. 

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10 / 18 / 11
Mosquitoes In Florida May Be Scarier Than You Think

Florida Mosquitoes: Scarier Than You Might Think

October is the month for all things spooky, but it’s not just the jack- o-lanterns, costumes and movies that are giving homeowners the frights. Bed bugs, spiders and other creepy crawlies are likely to send Floridians screeching for help and while they are indeed scary and definitely nasty, mosquitoes should not be slashed from the list of Halloween pests.

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07 / 18 / 11
Avoid Mosquitoes With Mosquito Prevention Tips

Call McCall For Relief From Mosquitoes

Although the calendar says it is summer, it certainly doesn’t feel like it with all of the strong thunderstorms and heavy downpours moving through Ocala, Tampa and all across Northern Florida.

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